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Update from Delta 2

We’ve identified the issue and many of you were right – we had some incorrect coding as it related to the recent changes to MQM earnings for unpublished fares. We’re working to put a fix in now and hope to have the issue resolved later today. You can book now or book later – once the fix is made the correct number will be reflected in your account.

Worth answering a few other questions we’ve seen here today:

- As I mentioned, this is related to unpublished fares. Nothing else.
- Jeff30189: I love cookies – and can be bribed.
- JDErickson: No compensation, but nice try. Can’t hurt to ask, right?
- mbwmbw: Picture here.
- avidflyer: There were some recent changes to redemption levels at mid- and high-tier in some international locations, a few up, one down. No changes to low award levels. Not that you need my help, but you can find the updated charts here. It works like a pricing change, so legally, we’re not allowed to notify folks in advance. However, we’re obviously not prevented from sharing it with you once the change has been made. We'll certainly keep this in mind for future announcements.

Thanks again for flagging this for us, and for your patience as we work to resolve it.
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