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Originally Posted by carrotjuice View Post
I know aircraft swaps could happen on this route, hence have been trying to minimize the chances of this happening by monitoring the aircraft choices on CX website up till 2 days before my flight before finally redeeming my miles, just to ensure that I get on a 77W cabin with those new Cirrus seats in J.

And up to yesterday, when I checked in online, I was still able to see the 77W cabin and picked my nice window seat in the 1-2-1 config.

But today, when I went to Changi to collect my boarding pass, they told me it's now substituted to an old 772 with 2-3-2 config! The checkin lady shrugged her shoulders but acknowledged that "well, HKG likes to switch their aircraft to SIN a lot..."

Really annoyed... I had wanted to start my trip on my chosen aircraft and J seat, in fact I had planned my whole trip in light of this... only to be disappointed - again.
Same did happen to me on SIN-BKK flight. It was scheduled on 77W and I was assigned 11H which is supposed to be "more private" section. Still got this seat on OLCI. Went to the airport, given the BP (well I never checked it, as the agent did not say anything). Only realize it at the gate when I saw my BP printed as 12H!!! The stupid part is 12K is occupied (they suppose to assign first row to elite?), and they are many empty seat on the cabin.

Why I need to sit next to someone when I can have 2 seats by myself?

also I was quite annoyed that they did not inform me on the seat reassignment (not to mention aircraft change)!!

I have already learn long time ago, there is no point to "choose" aircraft on CX flight (SIN-HKG/SIN-BKK/HKG-TPE), you may end up with anything.
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