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Angry SIN-HKG equipment lottery [Regional Equipment Swaps]

I know aircraft swaps could happen on this route, hence have been trying to minimize the chances of this happening by monitoring the aircraft choices on CX website up till 2 days before my flight before finally redeeming my miles, just to ensure that I get on a 77W cabin with those new Cirrus seats in J.

And up to yesterday, when I checked in online, I was still able to see the 77W cabin and picked my nice window seat in the 1-2-1 config.

But today, when I went to Changi to collect my boarding pass, they told me it's now substituted to an old 772 with 2-3-2 config! The checkin lady shrugged her shoulders but acknowledged that "well, HKG likes to switch their aircraft to SIN a lot..."

Really annoyed... I had wanted to start my trip on my chosen aircraft and J seat, in fact I had planned my whole trip in light of this... only to be disappointed - again.
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