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Not turned down but.....

Had my interview this morning at SFO and was asked the following

CBP: Have you ever been fingerprinted before?
Me: Yes, for work

CBP: Have you ever been fingerprinted at a police station?
Me: Yes, for work

CBP: Have you ever been fingerprinted in Nashua, NH?
Me: Yes

CBP: Were you ever arrested?
Me: Yes, but that was supposed to be purged after 6 months and I was told I can legally say "no"
CBP: That's for things like employment but not when checking via the FBI for law enforcement related issues

CBP: What was it for?
Me: In 1977 when I was 19, I was arrested for possession of one joint

CBP: You're kidding? <chuckles>
Me: No-it was a different time back then

CBP: No worries and anything else?
Me: No that's it

CBP: You're good to go but you will probably receive the "X" on your form for about 6 months as where I'm sending your information to the FBI to have the flag removed, they're backed up so when you get the "X", show it to the officer, explain why and have them look at your file and you'll be fine
Me: Thank you very much

All told, 20 minutes, not video to watch, given some stuff to read and the approval e-mail hit while I was driving home

n.b. if you are planning on using SFO, they are (and using the CBP officer's words) "hammered because the airlines are giving it away free" so walk-in's are next to impossible-I had a friend come with me to see if she could do a walk in and it was a no-go

Now one question-with "still being on file", will this impact travel to Canada as from what I've been reading, they are sticklers.
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