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Miami pre-check ok for Brit

I was quite surprised to be allowed to use the Pre-check line last week in miami given i am not American. I am British, but platinum and do have the green check on my account, but figured i'd be barred for not being American. I didnt find out until id waited a few minutes in the priorty access queue and got to the passport/BP check before the luggage tables, but hey ho, one less blast of radiation is fine with me. I'm sure other johnny foreigners like me have posted this but figured id share since im sitting here bored on a rainy sunday! oh i should note i never received an invitation for pre-check (just noticed it was available on my account to select - did it twice as it disappeared like others have noticed but a few months ago) and i obviously do not have global entry etc as uk govt will not get off their lazy @sses and get an agreement in place. Also note i no longer live in the UK which was all the more surprising (i have lived in grand cayman last 7 years).
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