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Hailstorm -

I guess I'd like smaller than that plus an added category. 20% chance I could be caught, 19% chance they would just confiscate it but let me in, 1% chance they would detain and deport me, .01% chance I face a long term prison sentence.

jib71 -

True. And with the story, I mean, it has to happen based on what they ask me. But hopefully, I put down medication on the customs form (though I don't know where... cause it doesn't have medication listed nor a section to add a note) and when they ask me about it I just assure them it is all prescription and I have a letter from my doctor to have it and they are only for personal use. If they ask specifically what it is, I'll list the names, Malarone, Citroflaxacin, Adderall, Tazorac and Finacea. If they spark up at the Adderall then I hand it over, act dumb and plead for forgiveness. Generally though I don't think they will have all of these names memorized, and if I can get it through the customs guy with saying the name of it and then they decide to search my bag, at least I can say I was let through but it all depends on the course of the conversation, I'll try to stay as vague as possible until I basically will just have to give in.

I think it'll work, and if I get detained I don't think they will throw the book at me. But this remains to be seen, I am not 100% sure I will do it. And I of course invite more suggestions/criticism.
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