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Thats crazy! I posted this same question in the Asia section and people have told me they have had their bag checked, but never that they have been forced to remove clothing! I would never return after that. I have only ever gotten my bag checked once coming back from Japan in LAX and I was pretty livid.

I guess intense questioning/searching is more common than I thought at NRT. When I said waved through I didn't mean that they just let me not even go through passport checks, I still did that and talked to an immigration official, I mean that after standing in line they asked me a couple simple questions and then let me go grab my bag and I left. Customs in Japan have been the easiest for me, moreso than America (although Germany and Belgium were a breeze too), however I've never traveled anywhere with large amounts of medication hahah.

So after forcing you to strip, what happened? Did they tell you why they singled you out?
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