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Wow generally people fall into two camps with Narita Customs, thats its a breeze to get through or it can turn into a complete nightmare. Generally though I have never heard of anyone trying to bring in a legal prescription, in its original bottle, with a letter by the doctor, being thrown in to jail. Always the stories people show me are people with 10,000+ pills of ecstasy who were definitely trying to smuggle it in. I think I am going to take the chance of it, I think my saving graces are that I will be getting my residence card when I arrive, so I have to go to a special customs line anyways and fill out paperwork when I land, and hopefully if I am taking the time to do all that they won't hassle or select me for bag searching. Also, I am bringing in a bunch of other pills/cremes. In total other than the Adderall I am bringing in 45 pills of Malarone and 15 pills of Ciproflaxacin as well as a tube of Tazorac and Finacea, both prescription cremes. I think on the customs form I am just going to say 'Medications' and if they ask me just start kinda listing them, hopefully the big English words will muddle together and with reassurances that they are all prescription it will be ok.

And this got me thinking... am I even allowed to bring those? hahaha
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