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Thanks you guys

To Steve M: I agree it is smuggling, I was using smuggling more in the sense that I would try to hide it within my bag in like secret compartments or something similar, basically in a way that directly implies I am trying to sneak them in. I actually read a story about someone that tried to sneak thousands of ecstasy tablets into Japan by lining it in his bag.

I honestly before this didn't even know Adderall was classified as a stimulant, if I hadn't done some research I really would've tried to bring it in without knowing!

And I guess that might be random, or you might have something associated with your name that keeps bringing the authorities. I have only been through Japanese customs three times, but I have never seen a bag checked, someone questioned, or drug dogs. Maybe I'm just lucky though.

To Hailstorm: I don't think the Paul McCartney case really applies to my situation, he had previously been denied entry for drug charges, so they were going to specially search his stuff in the first place, and then he tried to bring a 1/2 pound of marijuana in. MJ is illegal pretty much everywhere, and even though he said its for personal use, its not medically prescribed by a doctor.

I like the Singapore comparison, cause its kinda what I based my idea on. I would NEVER try to bring Adderall into Singapore, because they are so crazy about that kinda stuff. But I can't believe that in Japan, if a young college student who planned to live there for a year brought a legally prescribed medication, although illegal, they would throw the book at him.

I guess I am looking for stories of people that have ever been detained with similar things and what the outcome was? Cause really the only stories I can find with similarities to mine are people that have brought Adderall into Japan without even knowing it was illegal/people bringing in large amounts of pills and never being asked. The scary stories are people genuinely trying to sneak illegal drugs in.
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