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I am not a lawyer or an expert on Japanese law. The following is only supposition on my part, and should in no way be taken for legal advice. And you should read this before proceeding with your plan:

Drug offenses are taken very seriously in Japan. The worst thing that can happen to you is detainment, several months wait in a Japanese prison for a trial, and if convicted, which you almost certainly would be, a prison sentence of five years or more.

More likely you would be detained for several days, and when you were lucky enough to get in touch with your embassy, and they are sympathetic to your cause, you may only need to be detained for a few weeks before they decide to merely deport you (on your own dime) and prevent you from ever being admitted into Japan again.

And don't think that having some connections, or only having the drug for your personal use, will get you off the hook. It didn't work for this somewhat famous guy.

So obviously, I think that any attempt to bring this drug into the country secretly is a bad idea. If it is really important to you, bring it up with an Embassy or Consulate before you leave, and see if there is any legal exception that can be made for you.

Lest you think Japan is overly severe, it is still better than Singapore, where the punishment for such an offense is death...

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