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Originally Posted by Markie View Post
Not really, often you earn points based on a certain number of stays - if I am sick and only make say two of the three required stays then that's my problem. If you can point to where it says the stay was not required then I might have more sympathy. In my case, I am paying to stay in a hotel in the city where I live when I have a perfectly good bedroom, so that I can enjoy the events and the promo. I think the organiser has done a great deal here and am disappointed by your view of this.
No need to be disappointed. Im only raising a question about something not clear- IMHO- in the T&C, where a later statement and possible clarification made me wonder, as that was not how I had read T&C. You are absolutely right that if a promo says bonus after 3 stays, you wont get it after 2 stays failing to do the third being sick or whatever.

But in this case the bonus tiers are laid out without that specific and clear requirement, and you have possibly invested 50-100 nights at worst. Not your 2 of 3 example I would say.

Originally Posted by RTW1 View Post
No it's not expensive when you have to cancel.... You will only miss some EXTRA bonus point that you wouldn't have gotten any other way. And you will probably also have enjoyed Diamond status that you wouldn't have had otherwise.

Why all the complaining....
You may have read posts from someone on my ignore list, as you reference to "all complaining". As noted I have only raised a techical question on t&c, as to me it seems a possible unfair practice.

Point being that choosing Hyatt to other brands who would give far better value without Hyatt bonus points. Of course you would enjoy diamond benefits, but people have different other statuses etc. YMMV. The risk involved here would have been a key element to consider for me making these months hotel plans. I always like to go for the safe choice

I have even said such lack of posting would be fair, but people should have been notified/warned clearly. And no doubt great work by the organizer for the DO in any case.
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