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Originally Posted by cvarming View Post
And after the 9999 or 0000 you should try the cash-advance PIN. The main reason to use the cash-advance PIN is that offline PIN verification is hardly used outside France and the UK, and online PIN verification often works for mag-stripe cards, and I suspect the same is true for chip-and-sig cards.

I will go to Canada, Spain, Germany, Denmark, and Belgium over the next few weeks with my chip-and-sig CITI premier card and my UK issued chip-and-PIN debit card. I promise to report back.
So I have been doing a little testing in Barcelona using my CITI premier with a global chip.

The Phone Shop, a standard brick-and-mortar store: the POS terminal surprised the teller by printing the receipt for a signature. So chip-and-sig worked and was the default choice.

The Barcelona metro automated kiosks. The POS terminal requested my PIN. I gave it a wrong PIN and it rejected the transaction. I started a new transaction and gave it my cash advance PIN, and the transaction came back good. My PIN is different from the original assigned by CITI, so this must be an instance of online PIN verification. Great. That worked as expected.

So far I have been able to do all transactions using the EMV chip, but the automated kiosks in the metro needs my PIN. And every transaction posted as a standard purchase (not a cash-advance).

I haven't taken this card to France or the UK were off-line PIN verification is common, but outside those countries the chip-and-sig works perfectly when you remember the cash advance PIN.
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