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Originally Posted by QL_714 View Post
If you are going to post something at least take the time to see if the info is correct. Everyone is just too lazy and wants to be spoon feed. This is also why deals don't last long.
I appreciate the mods taking down his original post due to name calling. I think I have a pretty thick skin, but thank you. I must say that I am honored QL_714 took the tIme to post in this thread. Next time you are in SD, I'll buy you your first beer and slice of Pizza Port pizza.

I agree the Ink cards are more valuable in the long run, but WF is good for those trying to meet minimum spend requirements quickly on other cards or have a hard time finding the Vanilla reloads. I haven't joined in on this endeavor but wanted to provide the information that is readily available on WF website.

Again, make sure you test the waters before your CC company surprises you with cash advance fees.
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