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Originally Posted by pinworm View Post
Pilots are notoriously poor. They are burdened with all kinds of student debts, and then terribly underpaid. Starting out even in the regionals nets roughly 22k per year. Many pilots have had to get onto social assistance to scrape by. The rates get better with seniority, but the process is slow. You won't make liveable wages for the first 15 years. Furthermore, they are more pilots than there are jobs..particularly at the airlines. This is part of what has driven pilot wages down. Many pilots have faced long periods of unemployment, or of completely different employment.

Mechanics are much more sought after and marketable, and will make better money out of the gate.
That statement only applies to people who take the civilian route and pay for their own training. If one goes the military route, they make very solid pay as a commissioned officer during their time as a military aviator, and upon leaving the military one can go directly to the majors flying large aircraft. Ask me how I know.

Unfortunately, the OP is far too old to take this route, and borderline too old to even go the civilian route (unless he really had his heart set on it and was willing to foot the bill for the training and deal with the inevitable decade of being marketable to the majors).
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