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Originally Posted by chollie View Post
If my cellphone is password protected, can I be forced to give them the password to allow them to search my pictures and call log as part of the 'administrative' search?
I'm surprised phone manufacturers haven't come up with an option where one password decrypts a "clean" phone and a different password decrypts the regular one.

For those who haven't heard about it, TrueCrypt lets you do that with computers, you create a hidden volume inside the encrypted volume, so the hidden volume contains the valuable stuff and the regular encrypted volume contains bogus data and the passwords are different. So you can have your highly confidential documents in the hidden with a password of "12345" and then non-sensitive documents filling up the regular one with a password of "67890", so if asked for a password, you give them 67890 and they will only have access to the data that is there just to throw them off.

Of course, you can always set up your BlackBerry to erase itself off after 3 failed attempts and you give them the wrong password to wipe it, then you remember that the phone has a different password, and the phone is now wiped.
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