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Just stayed here for 2 nights on points. Here is my review:


- scenic boat ride across open waters (prepare for some shake down!)
- friendly sit-down check-in ala Andaz with fresh juice and lovely staff
- very bright well appointed two-level villas, huge bathroom with rain shower, lots of outdoor space and privacy
- fantastic food, some of the best hotel food I ever had, I chose the half-board
- super friendly, courteous and chatty staff
- right sized island, you can walk around in 20 minutes, not too much not too little
- good mix of folks mostly AU, CN and some Europeans


- Internet is 512kb only, I know this place is remote but I was hoping for more
- no real Maldives lagoon, while there are some nice sandy swimming areas with corals, the big lagoon that most North Male Atoll resorts have is missing

Overall I'm impressed how well managed this place is. This is by all means a great hotel anywhere in the world.

It's a good place for families with kids but also for couples. Surfers will love this place in summer as the breaks roll in directly behind the beach.
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