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Paid or Reward ticket?

Originally Posted by ysolde View Post
JFK-FRA? Just fly SQ. Lie-flat bed, good service (in the air, anyway; at JFK, SQ's service is still a bit disorganized, IMHO), good (airplane) food, and good schedule. LH is OK when you can't get a non-stop flight with a lie-flat bed.

Bear in mind that most of the products usually provided in the J travel kit, SQ provides in the lavatory. SQ's J "travel kit" (such as it is) only contains a pair of socks and an eye mask (and maybe some ear plugs?). Toothbrush, toothpaste, creams, etc., are all in the lavatory.

Agree with SQ on the revenue ticket. However if this is a reward ticket, depending on the program and the number of seats needed, you may find more J seats available with LH.
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