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Originally Posted by aroundtheworld76 View Post
The median salary for an A&P mechanic working on jets in the US is $76,372. You are highly unlikely to make that as a pilot until you've been flying at least 10-15 years.

The extra dough would let you do plenty of flying for fun.
Exactly, well said.

With a BA in math and an MA in comp Sci, this guy could be out there making so much money he could afford be a recreational pilot. Private piloting is a well-off man's hobby due to the expensive nature of it, but if you have enough money and dream of piloting, it's the perfect hobby. Piloting is great, just so long as you don't try to make a living at it

I also understand the OP's reluctance to live in a cubicle for his working life. There are many ways out of the cubicle..ask any of the folks on FT, some of whom have more hours in the air than the crews that fly them.
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