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There are lots of good things about LH J, the seat is just not one of them. Your final destination and price concerns are an important factor, as well.

Price aside, my preferences in order for J travel are:

1 - non-stop
2 - fully-flat seat
3 - having the shortest second flight as possible (so if I was flying BOS-DUS, I would prefer BOS-MUC-DUS over BOS-DUB-DUS)
4 - flying short flight first (so BOS-JFK-BRU is better than BOS-LHR-BRU)
5 - flying late at night, as opposed to an mid-afternoon flight (this is especially important on short TATL flights from BOS/JFK etc.)

Depending on where you are going, BA might be a good option to look into. I would try to find some actual data on flight on-time performance to see how much (if at all) LH is better than BA. Anecdotal evidence can often be wrong. But there is certainly nothing terrible about LH, in my opinion.
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