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Originally Posted by Moz View Post
Sorry but I dont think this is correct. Transfers spits you out at a different security section adn you need to walk the terminal to the CCR.

Aree with your other comment though.....8 hours in T5. Couldnt do it myself. Londons only 15 minutes away on HEX.....
Indeed Flight Connection force you through North Security and it's a few minutes walk to the upper Concorde Room entrance, which is next to South Security. Basically turn right out of North security, if you look upwards you will see a big sign for Harrods, walk in that direction, keep going past WH Smith, on to South Security. On the far side you will see a pulpit like desk, and a person in a BA uniform - that's the upper Concorde Room entrance.

If you're wanting to do some shopping, you may as well drop down a level, do the rampant consumerism piece, and then follow the signs for the South Lounges.

I also agree 8 hours in CCR is silly (though I have done it). I agree with the Windsor idea - lots to do there, especially if the weather is nice. I've also gone to Slough for boring things like haircuts, and Slough is easier if it is raining. HEX gets you to Paddington in 20 minutes. You could take the Heathrow Connect service (change at T1) to Southall for a curry (best in the evening) or Ealing Broadway (good range of shops and restaurants). Ealing to T5 is about 30 minutes including changing trains.
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