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Originally Posted by Homer15 View Post
We were planning on doing that ourselves (even briefly considered trying to get a reservation at the Fat Duck). What is the easiest way to get there (considering we are unlikely to want to rent a car)?
Spending 8hrs in T5 is way to long. Personally 8hrs in the CCR would drive me potty. Even if it's a first time visit 3 hours would be my maximum recommended time.

I'm sure someone might come along with a better way of getting to the Fat Duck in Bray but you can get the Heathrow Express from T5 to T123 ( HEX is free for journeys within Heathrow ) then get the Heathrow Connect to Hayes and Harlington to connect to a train to Maidenhead, then it's very short taxi ride to The Fat Duck.

Saying that Bray isn't all that far from Heathrow T5 so you could just jump straight into a taxi from T5 to Bray.

Or you could head to Windsor and easily kill several hours.
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