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Some other factors to consider would be training cost and and quality of life. I'm a student pilot, and to get a private license will cost me around $11k in the US. If I wanted to get the additional ratings needed to be a airline pilot, it would cost about an additional $90k. I don't know what an A&P license costs.

But being an airline pilot is not the only pilot job out there. Many pilots make a living doing flight instruction; working for bizjet or charter companies; doing sightseeing tours, agricultural work, surveying and many other things. Many of those jobs do not require as many ratings as an airline job and so would be cheaper to get into.

Another factor to consider is how much traveling you want to do. A pilot will be spending many days out on the road, while a mechanic will likely be sleeping in their own bed most nights.

Best of luck in whatever career you choose.
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