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Better career: mechanic or pilot?

Hello all. I am 32, have a BA in math and am working on an MA in computer science. I work in an office, and don't know if I can handle 30 more years of this. Thankfully I get to look at FT at work though.

I want to get back into the aviation field. I have been a ramp agent, but I left mainly due to low pay. I am thinking about becoming an airline pilot or aircraft mechanic. Either way there will be school and expense involved. What are the drawbacks/benefits of either? I figure pilot can make more(eventually - the pay of a regional FO looks plain terrible), but it might be less stable. At least I could take the skills from the A&P to many other fields.

As a fallback, I should still get the MA. What do you all think? The opinions of any current/former pilots/mechanics would be great also.

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