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Originally Posted by jojojo View Post
OK, just to get it out of the way, Iím very happy to fly in business, and much prefer it over coach. But am I the only one who doesnít like the arrangement?

First of all, you canít see out the window very easily (see my previous post for more ranting on this subject.)

But it also makes it difficult to get work done. Thereís no under seat storage for the briefcase. Thereís minimal space for any work Ė papers, pads, computer, etc. The table (on which I now type) is nicely positioned. But if you want to type type type, and then pull out some paper to look it, itís a lot more difficult than the traditional design, where you just reach under your seat and pull out what you need.

This feels like a seat thatís designed to have the passenger watch the video and sleep. And thatís it. That may be great for many, but I really would like to be able to get some work done and look out the window.

Other than the seats being a little tighter as far as shoulder width goes, and the inability to get the armrest out of the way, I reckon you will not find too many on here that will agree with you that J on the 777 is not that good. How about putting your papers on the footrest part of the seat? FWIW, if you have the chance, try booking your flights on one of the new refurbished 747's, the seats face outwards, they are a little wider, more personal space, the tray tables are bigger, and the arm rest can be put down into the side of the seat so it is out of the way when your sleeping.
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