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Was flying J from KWI to DXB and had a passenger do the following:

1) In KWI you get baggage screened before checking them in so a long line was there at the time. This north-african national female (late 20's or early 30's) skipped the whole queue, claiming she was in a hurry, to everyone who complained, cause she will miss her flight. Turns out she was on the same flight as me with plenty of time to go.

2) Ahead of me in the J line, she kept complaining to every ground staff member about why they are taking so long, rudely, I may add and kept mentioning that she was a manager at a company here. (Who cares who you are?)

3) When she saw some indian nationals checking-in in the business queue she immediately yelled at the filipino handlers (note she only targets far eastern nationals and not the arab staff) saying why are economy pax checking in here and delaying her. The staff replied they are silver/gold members entitled to do so or flying J as well. She mentioned something along the lines of "well these people shouldn't"

4) On board she kept complaining about how she was in a middle seat, crew said can't do anything full flight, next time pre-select your seat online.

5) She complained all through the flight, and was with me on the return leg as well surprisingly!

Needless to say that [email protected] got what she deserved as she got berated by the customs and passport control in KWI on the return for some reason and got pulled aside, I couldn't help but smile!
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