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Interesting to see the direction this is taking! Personal gripes:

1. Pax who use their phones while on active runway (this nearly turned into a fistfight on one EK flight when I asked a pap in J to turn off his phone because the signals can affect electronics on board and his actions were endangering the safety of others, i.e. me - boy, did he get aggressive!).

2. Pax who demonstrate their lack of culture and upbringing by treating CC like indentured servants.

3. Pax (male) who attach a sprinkler system to a part of their anatomy and spray the floor in lavatories.

4. Pax (any gender) who leave lavatories in a mess, e.g.. damp floor, unflushed lavatory, sink full of bubbles and toothpaste etc.

5. Pax from certain countries who big it up in F while leaving Filipina nannies in J with their obnoxious offspring.

6. Pax who move up a class to stand in the aisle and natter to their more fortunate friends/colleagues while blocking room for cabin service and causing noise pollution.

7. Upgraded pax who spend the flight trying to convince CC to also upgrade friends/colleagues/hot chicks they have met at the airport.

8. Pax who are lunging for their bags from overhead lockers when the speed brakes are still deployed.

9. Pax who seem unable to follow basic standards of personal hygiene - usually the same ones who have shoes and socks off with feet pressed on the back of the seat in front.

Gosh, that was a rant. Perhaps it's just symptomatic of travelling a lot but the more I fly the more I am convinced that there is a set of unwritten rules for travelling which is a combination of keeping yourself comfortable while exercising some respect for those around you. Sadly, some who travel frequently, as well as the clueless occasional flyers, are oblivious to this.
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