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Originally Posted by coachrowsey View Post
IMO (based on article) flight crew done the right thing. Now I understand that 99.9% of these things turn out false but I don't want to be on the one that's false.

Now go ahead and slam me.
I don't usually slam people, but since you specifically asked for it...

That's one of the most ridiculous assertions I've ever seen on TS&S, more so than any of the TSA flag-wavers who toe the company line or any of the paranoid delusions I've seen on other web sites.

It's a camera. It's pretty obviously a camera. It's so ridiculously obviously a camera that the paranoid fraidy-cat FA who precipitated this incident should be fired immediately and charged by federal authorities for making a false report.

Originally Posted by studentff View Post
I left a handheld GPS on a plane at DEN in 2005. (Well, sort of. I knew I downloaded data from the GPS to my computer on the fight and knew I didn't have the GPS immediately after deplaning, but the gate agent wouldn't let me back on the plane to look for it, and she either did an extremely cursory search for it or pocketed it, because I never got it back.)

Many nervous nellies think carrying a GPS is a sign of being a terrorist, since it could in theory be used to guide an aircraft.

That there were no reported flight diversions in the next few days in fact suggests to me that the gate agent pocketed it.
Many Nervous Nellies also think that anyone with a camera is a terrorist or a pedophile. Many Nervous Nellies think that anyone wearing a turban is a Muslim, since they're too stupid to know what a Sikh is. Many Nervous Nellies think that anyone with brown skin and an accent is a terrorist, since they're bigots or morons (or both).

Nervous Nellies are going to be the ruination of this country.
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