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Originally Posted by Flyer420 View Post
Slightly off this topic, I was booking an international flight and provided the phone agent with my flight choices and her computer would not produce the same fare as quoted on the web page--by a margin of almost $2000! I asked if this was another Shares issue and the agent said, that it wasn't one arising from her inexperience, she was a veteran pmCO staff member. We finally got things synched when she asked me for the fare classes shown on the web page. Entering those to override her display produced the desired result.
This was the case with the old UAL.bomb also.

ITA would show a particular fare, but for some reason or another it would not replicate on .bomb. Even the reservations folks could not replicate it. Only web support could replicate it. Did you try calling web support for the new COdbaUA website?

I had some problems this morning replicating a BOS-SIN trip in K class on the new website. Booking it as a multi-segment would bring up the NRT-SIN-NRT legs in W class. I ended up doing a multi-segment BOS-LAX, LAX-NRT, NRT-SIN, SIN-NRT, NRT-IAH, IAH-BOS to get the website to replicate the fare.

90% of the time you can get the new COdbaUA website to replicate the fare, but you need to fiddle with the segments as you enter them in. YMMV.
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