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Upon reporting this story this morning, Soledad O'Brien at first spontaneously channeled what IMO is the justified outrage of needlessly inconvenienced passengers on this flight, saying something like, "Can you imagine how the passengers on that flight felt? 'Someone just claim the stupid camera so we can get to Geneva.'" I was momentarily shocked and surprisingly pleased (I don't agree with her opinions much).

Then a few seconds later she thought better of herself and made some inane "safety first" comment.

"Anything for Security (TM) Out of an Abundance of Caution (TM)"
Thankfully we have Hala Gorani on the international side of CNN. Although I rarely watch CNN I have heard her making comments about the idiocy of the American 'anything for safety' mentality. I was frankly surprised that she was left unchecked and uncensored, but the international versions of CNN tend not to be waving the American flag as frequeuntly.
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