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They didn't claim that. The blogger/OP did. ... There is nowhere in the Motion to Dismiss that in any way suggests that TSA believes it's acceptable to search someone's phone under the guise of seeking "Identification media."... but as long as the blogger turns every question or issue into a slippery slope, the mainstream won't listen.
All legal arguments can be viewed as "slippery slope" arguments! You always say "If X were the case, then wouldn't Y also be?". Remember the Supreme Court Justice's questions in the ACA case, such as "If you claim the government can force people to buy health insurance, do you believe the government can also force people to buy brocoli?".

It's perfectly reasonable to argue "if you accept the TSA's belief that they can search any bag looking for a false ID, doesn't that also mean they can search a phone or computer looking for evidence of fake ID?".
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