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Very close call whether to keep this or the Surpass as a keeper if one desires only one Hilton card, especially for anyone who gets diamond with the 40k spend. I know I'm restating some of what Gary said, but this is my personal view.

The signup bonus is obviously better -- even when Surpass offers 60k, two free nights (even weekend nights) are better, especially with W-A being available.

But in terms of day-to-day, here are what I see as the differences:

1) An extra point for Hilton spend for the citi card. To me, this is outweighed by the Surpass giving 6 points at drugstores. I use that feature of my Suprass card frequently, especially to buy certain gift cards where I could not otherwise obtain any multiplier. One would have to put about $50k in Hilton spend on this card to get a free night at the incremental difference between 10 and 9 points, and if you are doing that, you shouldn't need a credit card to get you to gold, are already filthy with Hilton points, and should probably be using a Sapphire or something else! The citi card gives 5 points per $1 on car rental and air, but it's hard to see using it for those categories when other cards give bonuses too.

2) The anniversary free night. This may be the tie breaker for many -- if you're spending 40k each year to get diamond, you'll automatically qualify for this benefit each year, and it can be worth as much as 80k at a W-A property. To me, this is a major benefit and advantage.

3) No forex for the citi, if one stays in hiltons outside the US.

Bottom line for me: For holders of the Amex card, unless you spend a lot in the 6x categories, the citi card is superior.
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