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Exclamation TSA: Search your iPhone? Yes we can!

This motion to dismiss stated that the TSA has the right to search bags not only for WEI, but also for “identification media.” They reason that a terrorist might be using a fake ID, and therefore if they can find a fake ID in your bag, they might stop a terrorist from boarding an airplane.

This term (“identificaiton media”) is not defined in their motion or in their internal policy that discusses it. At the least, they claim ID cards, credit cards, and the like are covered. What about a bank statement, insurance bill, or official letter? Often times a DMV will ask for something along those lines as proof of your identification. How about those prescription bottles? Everything has your name on it and nothing looks “suspicious” about the pills inside, yeah? What about every other document? Might have to read it to make sure it’s not a bank statement, bill, official letter, etc. What about turning on your iPhone to see what name shows up in there? You laptop will presumably identify you and all your e-mail “aliases,” right? And what are you doing with that “suspicious” amount of cash? A terrorist might deal in cash, after all.

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