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Originally Posted by goldelite8 View Post
It looks like there has been a systemwide change in catering for F meals. The system seems much more lax when it comes to meal time cutoffs and the PDA/online site is now showing "Lunch" and "Dinner" on many routes that were just showing "Snack." I can now see mid-con 10:20 AM departures with lunch and mid-con 4:10 PM departures with dinner. I was starting to get tired of the chicken/pasta plate, so this is really good news.
Hi goldelite8, you have a keen eye and are absolutely correct. We’ve recently made some meal scheduling adjustments to our late morning, early afternoon and dinner start times. For example, in United First, you should begin seeing lunch and dinner options on short to medium haul flights (over 2.5 hours) departing between 10:00am through 7:00pm. This improvement is a direct result of customer feedback. Please keep it coming.

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