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Usage of Citibank AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard

Hello all,

Just posting to report my experiences with the Citibank AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard over the last two weeks in Italy and France.

As a Chip & Sig card, I used it in most places and the machine spit out the receipt for me to sign. The only problem was one evening when I was trying to clear my account at the Club Med in Kamarina (in Sicily, near Ragusa), and the machine timed-out twice. Yet the next morning in the Club Med Boutique it worked perfectly (I used my American Express swipe card the previous evening and had no problem).

Once in Paris, the card worked perfectly in the ticket kiosks of the RER (Chatlet/Les Halles) and the Metro (Porte D'Orleans). Neither purchase was over 10, so I don't know if a mag stripe card would have worked, but it did work and did not require a PIN.

So I'm very glad I have the card, even as a Chip & Sig.

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