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Originally Posted by wilp888 View Post
I think United should take a long serious look at what happened. Sure, there were some who wanted something for nothing but I suspect, from a lot of comments on this thread, that some people just wanted to get back at United because they were so angry with the company and wanted to get back at United in any way possible. The total and complete lack of sympathy and concern for the company from many of its long time customers is indicative of the poisoned relationship that exists. I hope United realize how unhealthy and dangerous this situation is.
This is EXACTLY what I think may be the underlying current going on on this thread. After being nickled and dimed to DEATH, $150 change fees, this fee, that fee, taking promised benefits away, all of that - this is what you get, a group of people, some of the company's most loyal customers, who in a way wish to "get back" at the company.

Even the curt response, which surprised me, shows this is not a caring company. We are all "over-entitled" and a burden to them. Look how long it took for them to even respond, and when they did, it was very poor damage control.

I will bet if they said "we are sorry for the mistake, for those holding tickets, we will cancel the itinerary but we will credit your account the miles of the journey and apply it towards your status for this year." Doesn't that sound better?

Just a bunch of idiots - they do not care. United's new management does N-O-T care at all. They just don't get it. It starts from the top and it's trickling down all the way to the bottom.

I didn't get into the deal, but I think United should honour the tickets, their employees (and companions) fly for free in first back and forth while customers pay $10,000 for a 1st class ticket, and if it's their mistake, honour or offer compensation - which would make your customer happy.

The best way to hit them is to file a complaint with the DoT....
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