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I have yet to reveal the greatest tragedy of this entire episode. If/when these tickets are honored I will *gasp* have to fly in a single class plane in order to get to Chicago for my 1st Class flight to Hong Kong. Oh, the humanity. 1 full hour stuck in an old, worn out cramped seat. How will I survive the humiliation? (Yes, sarcasm was heavy).

Something I did find odd, in all seriousness, is that when I booked my ticket and went through seat selection I wasn't able to select those seats on an ERJ-145 that were marked as Economy Comfort or whatever it is they call them without paying an extra fee. Normally I wouldn't find this at all odd, but as I was on a 1st class ticket you'd think they'd have been free of charge. It doesn't matter though, the flight is less than 1 hour. Just a curious observation.
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