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Originally Posted by GMUJD06 View Post
I'm just curious, have you ever taken advantage of a skykit, or appreciation card? Did you ever get a $200+ cert for a faulty lightbulb or footrest? Do you honestly think that such a case would warrant such compensation?

To date, I've not fought United over anything. I booked a ticket, they gave me a confirmation. If they later decide to cancel my booking, oh well, the game was fun while it lasted. But if they end up honoring it, I get a great trip. I didn't write the DOT rules, I didn't write UA's code, I didn't decide for them to use SHARES. I decided to log onto .bomb on Sunday, request a ticket to Hong Kong, and agreed to pay what United charged me. Plain and simple. By the way, I booked one trip. Not 75, not 10, not even two. One. The funny thing is, I already had plans to go to HKG, I just hadn't bought the tickets yet.

I've kept up with these threads from the beginning, and I honestly feel that most of the "haters" out there are on their high horse not out of loyalty to United (how am I not loyal? I fly UA 95% of the time, unless its absolutely not an option), but because they didn't get in on the deal, either because they missed it, or they believed at the time it wouldn't be honored. What you seem to miss in your sweeping generalization is that (to my knowledge) no lawsuits have yet been filed, because United has yet to actually make their move. And, if in the end, United is forced to honor their mistake, its because that's what the law says they must do. I have no doubt if the law allows them to cancel, they will.

I don't know how this thing is going to end up. But what I do know is that I'm extremely loyal to United, all on my own dime mind you, and I guarantee that a lot of you on your high horses out there have cost this airline much more revenue over the years than I am with this one award ticket. If you're going to cite this as the downfall of United, then think how many times you've asked them to bend the published rules on upgrades, E+ seating for companions not on the same PNR, baggage that maybe just goes over the limit that you should technically pay overage fees for, and many, many other "courtesies."
To be clear I don't begrudge ANYONE for taking advantage of this. If its honored, great, if not its not. My problem is with the people who knew when they pressed purchase that this was a mistake and STILL scream "DOT, LAW SUITE, BLAH BLAH BLAH". I see nothing wrong with taking advantage of this offer and hoping its honored. I see a big problem with some of these people acting like they are hurt that UA might not honor these and scream of suing, etc. what I said anyway is fine, UA should let those that insist travel, but those people are no longer "UA's most important customers" and since they obviously wish to cause UA harm by not even considering a discussion or compromise will "force" UA to take them and UA in turn should pull their accounts so that they don't ever have to worry about these people suing them, etc in the future.

I didn't know about this offer but if I did, I would not have taken advantage if it only included UA metal but I sure would have participated if it included partners. However, I never would have expected them to honor it. If they did, great. If not I certainly would not be talking about the DOT and lawyers.
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