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sbm12 from what I can see you seem to be on the side of the flyers to fly these and UA to fess up. I had thought your view would be more that of the airline.

I wonder, where is GUWonder. He is usually in charge of the "fleecing the customer concept" and he has been silent. I am curious to hear his opinion on this turn of events.

I am sure that if UA can sell these as anytime awards to any and everyone with an explorer card, for 140k each way, at 3 cpm = 280kx3=8400$ a seat is the max "cost" to UA. Real cost is probably half that or less. Assuming 4000 people booked these and at 4000 a seat it really is a 16 M loss at the most. Imaging the PR gain just from the news about this. I can tell you the traffic on UA site will go up with people looking for the next lottery, er, mistake fare.

Originally Posted by sbm12 View Post
What makes you think that they cannot do that? It isn't part of SHARES necessarily versus the CRM systems they have, but it wouldn't be at all difficult for them to get a list of all the tickets issued on this fare (I'm sure they already have it) and match that up with the accounts.
It arguably does in at least an indirect way.

The few hundred passengers who did book these taking up huge chunks of the F/C inventory will just further alienate folks most upset that they don't think their upgrades are clearing or that they cannot ever find award inventory. That's bad for business and for keeping the actually valuable customers happy.

And should these be honored the airline is going to have to account for the costs somewhere. No, they cannot assume that they would have sold all the seats now booked as awards, but they certainly would have sold some of them. That's real money lost. That ends up costing all passengers in an indirect way, assuming they try to make it up rather than just watching it float away to China.
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