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That was what made UA go Ch 11 twice, I think, being nice like that.
Now it is "too bad, move on folks..."
They even gave me 200$ voucher for a compliment (for my concern) in the past!
Originally Posted by ozstamps View Post
I've been on FT a long time and a lot longer than many posting above.
I recall UA loaded error fares to Paris ex USA for about $30 all in - roundtrip. Even from West coast.
REVENUE fares.
Like this, there was a stampede to book them.
UA started playing hard-ball and refused to honour them.
Then the media got hold of it "Airline makes error and tells good customers to pound sand"
Within a DAY the coin had flipped - UA were all over the media with a beaming spokesperson saying saying :
"Shucks we goofed and OF COURSE all those lucky folks who noticed our mistake will get their flights"
They all earned miles, and I think were upgradeable if you had SWUs, as I recall.
Many a FT'er made 1K that year for a couple of Ben Franklins.
Someone may have the link to that lonnnnnnnnnnnnng thread?
Anyway it showed a far wiser UA ... cop it on the chin and turn a mistake into a PR Plus.
The current "United" seems to actively seek terrible PR .. maybe that attracts the Kettles they so desire these days to fiill the planes?

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