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I spontaneously decided to purchase a ticket for the ferry from Tarifa (Spain) to Tangier (Morocco) on my first solo trip outside the U.S. I was very proud of myself for conducting the purchase entirely in Spanish. Unfortunately, I bought the wrong ticket. I had wanted the ticket that included the group tour of Tangier.* When I stepped on to the dock in Tangier, it was apparent to what seemed like every taxi driver in the city that I was not already claimed by a tour guide, so they swarmed me and offered to personally escort me around the city. I was freaking out. I didn't have a map, the taxi drivers wouldn't take no for an answer, I knew nobody in the city, I didn't have any local concurrency, and I didn't know any of the local language. When I saw a police officer accept a bribe, I decided I was going back on the ferry immediately. Then I spotted the tour group I was supposed to be with, ran over to them, and begged them to let me join them. Fortunately, they did, and they even helped me get the passport stamps I needed to return to Tarifa later.

I am definitely a more experienced traveler now. I also do a far better job planning ahead.

*I am sure there are better ways to explore Morocco, but I rather enjoyed it after I calmed down.

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