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Originally Posted by House View Post
I have some sympathy with this, but isn't the real answer to educate people who do genuinely have access to good tap water, so that they actively make that choice? ...snip...

I would also add that all bottled waters are not the same. Here in Cambodia, for example, no one is going to seriously drink the tap water...
I have not visited Cambodia - but I wouldn't class it as "First World" - I could be wrong. The fact that French water is shipped all the way there is (to me) so counter intuitive - the cost and energy could be put into creating a proper water supply. Like you say people need to be educated to make it their first choice.

I drink bottled water in Africa because often it's all there is. However the cost of carting it half way across a big country with poor roads is often so much greater than it would be to dig an artesian well. It just gets me hot under the collar how stupid we are as humans.

Best not start on the unmitigated evil that is sugary sodas - all that plastic and diabetes... Think I'd best go for a run and calm down (with a refilled bottle of tap water).
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