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Originally Posted by ClubClassCowboy View Post
Bottled water, and especially bottled uncarbonated water, should be universally banned.

What a total waste of energy and resources - there's a perfectly good tap within reach of everyone in the first world.
I have some sympathy with this, but isn't the real answer to educate people who do genuinely have access to good tap water, so that they actively make that choice? It's certainly a lot easier to get tap water these days in London restaurants for example, and that's down to consumer choice.

Failing that, tax is going to work a lot better than a ban - we don't ban cars with engines over 2 litres, for example, just make them more expensive to run.

I would also add that all bottled waters are not the same. Here in Cambodia, for example, no one is going to seriously drink the tap water, though if you ask the government they will tell you it is safe to drink (another reason a ban would be counter-productive). So the choice is between local purified water and expensive imported bottles of Evian shipped in from Europe. Thankfully the price differential means that Evian is genuinely a luxury product. Worth noting that the main demand for Evian here, based on anecdotal evidence, comes from rich locals and Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Indian/Thai tourists, not from (on the whole) eco-conscious European and Americans. The latter are dwarfed, in terms of numbers, by the former.
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