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Originally Posted by oliver2002 View Post
LSG is a massive operation especially with the acquisition of AA's Skychef operation in the late 90s. It has some unique concepts, like the Y catering produced centrally in 3 or 5 sites worldwide similar to the deep frozen food system. Servisair (mentioned in the linked article) is much bigger, but it includes ground handling (Globeground), Lounges etc, besides catering.

I seriously doubt there will be a taker that will pay more than the company currently contributes to the LH group bottomline. This is no LH systems who struggles to find customers.
One-half of this division was a marginal operation (if not money-losing) until ONEX -- an Canadian equity fund -- bought SkyChefs from AA and whipped it into shape. No massive layoffs, just major reordering and decentralization of management (which yielded nice bonuses for local staff when sold to LH) and other efficiencies. Sold to LH in healthy shape, but then with LCC competition in the US, and 9.11 downturn in air travel, the demand for inflight meals dropped considerably in NAmerica and so too the higher margin product.

Agree, can't see LH gaining much other than getting rid of a marginal division, nor any other company paying much for the company.
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