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Originally Posted by Kagehitokiri View Post
not different, the same

awards have always been available, earning is what is new

and with increased redemption levels, probably less FTers doing it now

AND how many FTers immediately jumped to paying RC rates because earning is allowed?

hotel discussion, in terms of luxury service/accommodations, is in luxury hotels forum

isnt there at least one other past thread on this? ah, the title change thread, related.
You're making some assumptions in a couple of your comments above. Based on posts in the Marriott forum, there are FTers that stay at RCs & are more willing to do so now that it's got an earning program as well.

If the OP can make a case, TB is willing to consider this. It may be it makes sense. It may be it doesn't, or a sub-forum makes sense or just a forum name change.

That's what threads like these are for, to consider a variety of options & if there are pros/cons to what's being suggested.

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