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Originally Posted by AAerSTL View Post
I see where you are coming from but they are effectively two separate programs. There are promotions and benefits unique to Marriott and similarly unique to Ritz-Carlton. It just seems to me if Fairmont President's Club gets a dedicated forum and is really just a 'recognition' program Ritz-Carlton should similarly get a forum of its own.
I don't feel the anology is apt as Fairmont has always managed it's own brand unlike RC who has chosen to affiliate itself with Marriott. For example Ritz-Carlton is one brand that can be selected on Marriott's search engine and to me closely identifies the two as operating in partnership to lead me to not support a separate Ritz-Carlton forum at this time.

Should that arrangement change in future then perhaps it could be revisisted but for now IMHO it makes more sense to me to keep RC topics under the Marriott umbrella, especially if a majority of the topics relate to the Marriott affiliation.
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