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Discussion: The True Cost of the $150 Change Fee

A few months ago, I had a domestic flight on AA, booked in "V", which I was considering cancelling. The agent told me that I could use the full value of the ticket toward a future flight if I paid a $150.00 change fee. Based on her helpful information, I decided to cancel.

Now, I'm ready to use the value of the ticket, but apparently it is only possible to do this over the phone with another $25 service charge. I don't recall having to pay the $25 phone service charge on this type of transaction. The agent didn't have any good ideas on how I could avoid the phone service charge.

So it seems that the TRUE total cost of changing a "deep discount" reservation is actually $175 -- not $150? Because in addition to being subject to the change fee you must also pay a service charge. Does anyone have a different experience?

After reading through a bunch of threads here, including http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/ameri...ok-online.html, it seems that I might be out of luck, and must pay this fee. Unless anyone has any tips...

Thanks for everyone's help!
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