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I think DL is evaluating how to proceed with the announcement. There are some practical difficulties. Suppose you book on DL's site which comes up with an flight marketed by Af or some other partner, but that happens to be code-share with Saudia.
AF and SV started codesharing at the time (or before) SV's plan to join ST was announced. I can't get DL.dumb to offer flights JFK-RUH, so presumably CDG-RUH is not a JV flight. I don't see the issues with needing to foot drag on putting up an earning chart. At least now one could book the AF-coded, SV-operated flights and earn SkyMiles, since SV is a ST carrier and the rules would follow DL's chart for AF-coded flights as long as the operating carrier is in ST. It's going to be interesting to see what happens later this month when ME joins. Anybody want to bet that they get a press release welcoming them to ST and a speedy appearance on the earning chart?
Every airline of an alliance does not file fares to every city served by an alliance member.
I was able to pull up AF coded itinerary operated by AF, DL and SV on ITA.
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