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They did get new ST members up quickly the last couple of times. Of course, they were existing partners on which just a few earning things changed when they joined ST, but they were generally up within days of joining. We're at two weeks now.
DL probably has not decided on how the level of cooperation with SV. DL wants to be able to say they are not enabling KSA's policy of denying visa to Jewish people or to those who have been to Israel. Denial of visa is a political act, like the U.S. boycotting Moscow Olympics, or boycott of South Africa by cricketing countries. It has nothing to do with the airline. However, the U.S. Govt could chose to boycott and ostracise KSA as South Africa was ostracised.
I think DL is evaluating how to proceed with the announcement. There are some practical difficulties. Suppose you book on DL's site which comes up with an flight marketed by Af or some other partner, but that happens to be code-share with Saudia.
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