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Originally Posted by GoPhils View Post
Sorry to keep responding to myself, but looking through some more threads it appears that I can just make a "dummy booking" so that I don't have enough points and then cancel later?

Also, there's a possibility the hotel can be covered through the friend's Marriott Vacation Club instead of with points. If that's the case, seems like I may be able to just book the travel package myself (when I get enough points) and use the nights later (edit: just noticed that looks like pretty much what mooper said above)? But looks like there were mixed reviews between saying it was only good for 1 year or asking for an extension.

I don't really know anything about the Vacation Club, but is there any difference between the rooms at the St. Kitts Beach Club booked through the vacation club and booked from I guess the ones anyone can book are just leftovers that people didn't book using the vacation club? One thread seemed to mention some of the units having a better view than others (although it appears the Beach Club overall has better views than the resort?), and I'm wondering if you'd probably have to get those through the vacation club.
The St. Kitts Beach club units on look like the MVCI villas. Marriott rents out the excess unsold inventory.
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