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Best way to use MR points for a flight?

Okay, so I am new to the forums and am trying to plan a honeymoon for next summer to St. Kitts.

I've heard that the best use of Marriott Points is for the travel packages, however I think I already have the hotel covered (actually from someone else's points), so I am trying to use my points to get a flight, and am not sure what to do.

I am currently Platinum with MR (but might not be after this year) with about 250,000 points, but have no status (I have 11,000 miles) with USAir, who is the airline I plan to use for this trip.

If I were to use my points directly for the flight, it would be 172,000 points per person.

If I were to convert my points to miles (at what looks like 125,000 points for 50,000 miles), it would cost $100+80,000 miles per person. So with the miles I already have, I would need a total of 195,000 points+$100. So I guess of those two options it's better to just get the flight directly. And just to confirm, MR points converted to miles don't count towards preferred status, correct?

But for S&G I looked at the travel packages, and it looks like for 250,000 points, I could get 7 nights stay + 70,000 miles, which with my other miles would be enough for one flight. So yeah, that definitely does seem like a better deal.

Is there any other options I'm missing? Should I just figure out a way to do the travel package instead?

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